Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Two Roads to NoSQL: Why and Why Not

There are two common threads on the path to NoSQL database: the Why and the Why Not. The talks and presentations define objective drivers for the new technology. They painstakingly delineate all the reasons of Why it is preferred in particular situations. However the discussion boards are full of advice of where the new technology can be tried out, striking down the Why Not using it.

The Why reasons include:
  • Big Data (scalability)
  • Cloud grid (commodity hardware, high availability)
  • Concurrency
  • Connectedness (social media)
  • Diversity (semi-structure, Web 2.0 decentralization of content generation)
  • Low impedance mismatch between programming and data model
From my experience:

- A while ago I was involved in an application for analyzing network traffic. To keep the software price down open source stack with MySQL was used.  The application had great-looking screens and thought-out navigation flow, but failed measurably. The database could not even keep up with writing transactions, to say nothing about retrieving information. That would have been a good candidate for the NoSQL.
- A company moving its software from a shrink-wrapped version to the cloud platform must look at the highly-scalable NoSQL solutions.
The Why Not is looking from a different perspective. A new type of application brings its wave of the database innovation, some of which would survive and prosper. That was true for the data warehousing with multidimensional cubes and data warehouse appliances. Now it is the Web 2.0 turn with NoSQL.  You need to build up expertise in the new technology. You need to acquire confidence in the technology and your ability to execute. And it is easier to accomplish on a non-critical portion of applications: execution logs, configuration and metadata, redundant data, etc.

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